Restarting my Blog

Hello world! Hello WordPress! This is my first post on my new blog! It’s over seven years ago that I’ve registered my domain. For the greater part of those years my website lay dormant – alone and forgotten in a cold and distant corner of the world wide web. But six months ago I decided to revive my old website and finally do some blogging about a few subjects I’m interested in: a strange mix of ancient and medieval history; climate change, global warming and other environmental issues; travel and food; skepticism and pseudoscience; and all things related to WordPress.

Now that I think of it, I’m interested in almost everything. So it will probably be a bit chaotic; organized chaos, just how I like it! 😉 And nobody will want to read it! 😛

Screenshot of my old website.

But anyway, six months ago I purchased a premium theme called Publisher. It’s a great theme and I can recommend it to everyone! But ultimately it didn’t suit my style of blogging – I’m more of a link post format commentary guy, like this rather well known blog by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg – so I decided to look for another theme!

Screenshot Website

Out of the hundreds of great and beautiful themes in the WordPress theme repository two themes immediately caught my eye. The first theme I tried was Notebook. The frontpage would have looked awesome, but unfortunately the blog is more suited for longpost form blogging. The second theme was Intergalactic, which I think is a perfect theme for my style of blogging and this theme is completely free – no costs at all!

What else is there to say? This isn’t really my first post, but since I’ve unpublished all my former posts this can be considered my first one. Yes, I know – it’s bad for my SEO-ratings, I guess, but I’m running this blog primarily for myself (and secondary as a portfolio, but I’m not here to lure customers), so who cares? The about me page, the portfolio page and the themes page (with free WordPress themes) will be upgraded soon. And I will also add a resources page. That’s all for now, I guess! 🙂