A first look at Twenty Sixteen

Screenshot of Twenty Sixteen, the new WordPress default theme

WordPress 4.4 is the last scheduled major release of the year and with it will come a new default theme to replace Twenty Fifteen. On the Make WordPress Core site, Tammie Lister published an image gallery that shows off the design of Twenty Sixteen. WP Tavern

This theme reminds me a bit of Twenty Twelve and I see a few bits of Twenty Fourteen in it. It has a simple, clean and minimalistic look, and combined with the return of the good old fashioned header, this will most likely make the theme hugely popular among the crowds here on WordPress.com.

But I recognize the hand of the designer (the same designer as of Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen) and while I admire the guy, I think another talented designer should’ve been given the chance of designing the next WordPress default theme.

But anyway, it’s probably going to look awesome and I can’t wait to give it a try! 😉